Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Bangalore will Run ....again

Bangalore ITC 10K run is to happen soon in the city, should get a some good attention.
I was watching a marathon that recently happened on Japan Tokyo, with 10,000 volunteer and great many runners.. and supporters. I hope Bangalore get such great support for the runners on the event.

March 16th afternoon, the count down has begun..

Run Bengaluru Run..
Recent events here in Namma Bengaluru seem to matter of concern and some red flags!

Bangalore has seen in past scarcity of water supply, it is at its peak over a week now in the city. the local suppliers of water, by tankers seem to have come into business, to make the best of the situation. Cost of water supply seem the getting higher, it not yet seem to have peaked yet.
As such the shortage may cause some unease all around the city. It seems like the crisis is not over yet..

There has been days where the city does not get power supply from 10AM to 6PM, Power supply in the city has cause enough concerns. Bangalore has witness the unscheduled power-cuts before and after the elections. No power means no energy of any kind, makes the water supply even worse. Thanks to the rains have definitely done good to the city to beat the heat in this week, also increasing the water-table level. Although Not enough to beat the hottest Aprils of all times.

One Such Event to cheer has been the IPL 2020 event at the Chinnaswamy stadium, witnessed a bomb scare, and later more of them found in the city, has sent alarm signals, of the security concern in the city.

All this during times of recession. These seems to be red flags that is likely to cause unrest in the city in the Hottest times in All Aprils ever.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Friday, 1 May 2009

Pictures right here at home.. namma bengalooru

One such pic i took just at my home..

Spring season is some much for nature pictures.

110 kms from Bangalore - near Muttati.. nice place
I had to go no where away from Bangalore ... to click this one..
Raagi Gudda.. temple and some flowers.

Zoom In Zoom Out...

Some pics on my cam :)